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“Still Breathing”

In Life on August 29, 2003 at 4:00 am
Date: August 28, 2003 9:00:00 PM PDT
Subject: “Still Breathing”

“Still Breathing” Its been a strange month… yes, not weeks but an entire month!!! But what fun! I just returned from the recording workshop in Chillicothe Ohio…. www.recordingworkshop.com Incredible!!! Anyone wanting to get into Studio Recording, check this place out!!! I had a absolute blast gang! Im telling ya, I couldnt have hung out with nicer people. Im sorry I didn’t blog while I was there… I regret that, cause I could have given you guys a day by day feel for the place… But yeah… I didn’t… Anyways I learned so much in my short amount of time there… I hope you guys from the workshop are checking out the website… And I hope your not completely confused… yet =] Well lets see… I got a job at the paramount in Ashland doing sound engineering… yeah.. sounds important doesnt it? let me give ya the skinny… that means I carry equipment around and load and unload trucks… W00T! Im just a grunt now, but hey… Im in for the long haul… My boss looks like Steve Tyler from Aerosmith… pretty cool cat… I just wanna give a big shout out to my bud and sound mentor… Mister Paul Rice… thanks for everything man!!! You Rock! Anywho… I move back to KY next week… OH YEAH!! I got rear ended in my 2002 Taurus… UGHH! A guy in a ford truck with a tow wrench decided it better NOT to stop…. sigh… So Im down in SC for a week until its repaired… Devin still hasn’t heard anything about his job… its turning into a soap opera… Mandy has decided to use her blog… whorah! Steve-o our bass player decided to quit due to the fact that John kept making fun of him every-time he messed up… Cant say I turn really blame the guy… The band is slowly coming together and falling apart at the same time and with God’s providence we might have something out in the next couple of months… so be on the watch out for that… well thats all for now…