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“Here at the end of all things…”

In and Everything, God, Life, Prayer, The Universe on January 14, 2004 at 5:00 am
Date: January 13, 2004 9:00:00 PM PST
Subject: “Here at the end of all things…”

I love that quote… Its when Sam and Frodo are on the steppes of mount dune… And lava is flowing everywhere… The war has been won, the quest over… I forget who says it… But its something like.. “Im glad your here, at the end of all things…” I just think its so tactful ya know… In other words, why cant we be that graceful and tactful in our life’s, even in the face of overwhelming odds… when all seems lost… Anyways… twas a rant And now to rant more… I’ve been reading the religion thread to much dismay… I majored in History and Bible, and have been in the “Christian” environment most of my life… And I’ve seen alot, I’ve unfortunately seen too much evil first hand from those that claim they have all the answers and claim to be christians… No ones perfect… not one… As I try to collect my thoughts just wishing that I could put everything God has shown me and taught me into some wonderful and perfect yet tactful quote… The only thing that arrives at my mind is not from scripture, its is not poetry, its from someone that the mind does not connect with the meaning of life much less morality… But Kizz… Which is a play on the old saying… “Keep it simple stupid” Legalism, the foul taste of it burns my soul, when God created the law it was only because our fical minds could not express let contain how simple life really it was… So God gave Israel laws, very very complex laws to help them understand… It wasn’t until Christ that the answer was known… But the answer had been in effect for thousands and thousands of years… Many knew it was there and many followed and were bless by the hand of God. But yet… too many got caught up in the law… Not being able to think outside of the Law and what was the greater vision of the universe itself… It wasn’t until Christ was cornered by some priests in jerusalem one day… They thought they would trick him into a trap by asking him what was the greatest commandment… Because to do so would cause him to break the law by putting one law above the others… Yet Christ answered, in such a wonderful and perfect fashion that it not only silenced the priests but everyone that heard it…. It was so tactful and so perfect that everyone understood it in a instant…. So they asked… “Jesus, what is the greatest of the commandments?”… And Christ answered ‘To love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul, and the second commandment is like it, love your neighbor as yourself… All the laws of the Old Testament and the prophets HANG ON THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS” So my friends, life is but a dream… Do not argue about the little things in life… There is so much more that matters… There are those of you that study the Bible for its every word… But do not take it out of context of what God has been trying to teach us through the all the laws, all the miracles, and Christ himself… Love God, Love others… Everything will take care of itself… You may not want to believe this, But think about it… It all works out… No matter what the situation… Yes learning how to love God and how to love others is the challenge… But knowing what you should do is not the problem here… Thusly, “The meaning of Life” Because Love is freedom as it allows you to follow your dreams and hopes… Because if you follow those two commandments that Christ quotes, far, far too well…. God’s Will becomes your will and peace and joy follow thereafter… “Here, at the end of all things” thank you for reading….

It’s been a strange winter

In Life on January 3, 2004 at 5:00 am
Date: January 2, 2004 9:00:00 PM PST
Subject: It’s been a strange winter

Its been a strange winter… Hopes and dreams living themselves day by day, and realizing that these dreams are bigger now than when they started. The JNP pre-recorded 30 songs the other night, were trying to get ourselves in the right mindset for some sort of an demo. Spent news years eve on the quake2 server with some old POC members… it was very fitting and was a good time had by all… Been fighting with the network… finally got a switch to deal with all the high pings on the server… but it seems that fixed it… Oh yeah… almost died tonight… me and devin were actually going to get the switch when I tried to get on the interstate and almost got the side of the car smashed in… So i slammed on the gas and put it in the grass to save our hides… Man, God was with us on that one… could have been bad… Anyways… Were fast approaching the release of the WIJN game… its been alot of work… but hopefully everyone will get a kick out of it… Yeah… thats about all i got for now… I go to record the soundtrack for the game tomorrow so that should be fun… behave kids -TheSainT