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How to celebrate King Arthur Day 1.21.600

In Funny, Random on January 22, 2008 at 3:06 am

January 21st 600 AD was a hallowed day that Arthur often celebrated by hosting lavish parties and gala-events… even though the meaning of the date was lost, it continued to be celebrated for centuries to come…

How do I celebrate King Arthur Day?

There are several ways to do this… I will list them in relevance and in no particular order.

1.) When purchasing any item on King Arthur’s Day recite the phrase

“Behold, I am King Arthur… I demand this (insert item name here) for the aid of my crusade.” and upon receiving the said item, recite the phrase “Happy King Arthur Day!” If the employee responds with a “Happy King Arthur’s Day!” give him or her one paperclip.

2.) If you greet a non-King Arthur Day Celebrator with “Happy King Arthur Day!” and the non-King Arthur Day Celebrator actually replies with “Happy King Arthur Day!” demand the person to kiss your signet ring.

– How do I greet other fellow King Arthur Celebrators?

Easily, kick them in the shins and recite the phrase “Happy King Arthur Day!”

Other ways of celebrating this hallowed day are open for interpretation.