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The A-Team

In Film on June 17, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Ok, so I fell for it… I saw this Rotten Tomatoes Review of the A-Team on Hulu. Then I went and saw it and had a blast! I only realized later that I had fallen for a Social Media/Internet advertising campaign. This is one of the first, (I’m sure there’s been more before) online reviews of a current film. I use Hulu alot and it definitely caught my eye. I’d imagine we’ll be seeing more of this in the near future. Anyways, onto the review!

I really thought this was going to be just a waste of a good 100 million dollar budget. But boy was I wrong! Attitude, RIGHT out the gate! I was won over with Hannibal’s intro, less is always more. I also enjoyed the fact that they rebooted the series. It’s definitely an origin story, but they just moved the time line from the 60’s to 2010. I bought it.

This is a summer action movie, if there’s ever been one. It’s popcorn, but it is a lot of fun to live with these characters for 120 minutes. If there was anything negative to say, I dropped out a couple of times when BA tried to be more Gangster than Mr. T. Also, I didn’t have a huge issue with action editing pacing, but it was the standard action I’m editing so fast so it seems so intense that you can’t help but feel my cuts, kind of edit. On a side note, I look forward to when it’s trendy to edit action as wider, longer cuts. So we can actually see the scope of whats happening and I think were getting pretty close to that trend.

So yeah, the characters are a bit 2D, but hey… this is the A-Team. All these guys do is blown stuff up! But, in the writer’s defense, there is some character development, mostly with BA and Face. Also, The A-Team is actually pretty clean except for couple MF’ers that happen in every PG-13 film these days. It’s also strangely absent of any sex scene, which was surprisingly refreshing. Cause we all know, the Face is the MAN! We don’t need to see that junk! (No pun intended)

So, in summary, there’s always a plan, the A-Team always wins to fight another day and the bad guys go. BOOM.

Go see it.

“That is all…”


  1. You know what? Based solely on your recommendation…I’m checking this one out!

  2. excellent!, you will be pleased!

  3. Same, Ill go watch it now.

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