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California Update

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I’ve been meaning to post an update about whats been going on as of late. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve recently moved to California for two reasons. To pursue work in the Film Industry to be “Salt and Light” to the film crews out in the trenches. The other reason, was to come out to Simi Valley and get plugged into Cornerstone Church.

God has really been blessing me tremendously and has given me alot of early confirmations and successes. I could write a novel about these last two months, but I’d think it’d be more fun if I list off (in no particular order) what all God has done with my life in my first two months in California. (Some of these are pretty ridiculous)

Got my first film gig via CraigsList in under 5 minutes

Watch God save (dude was dead!) and transform a homeless man with no prospects

Arrived at Cornerstone Church right as Francis Chan announced God was calling him away

I know people at Panavision and Warner Bros now (crazy!)

Got promoted from Production Assistant, to Grip & Electric, to Head Editor on my first California film.

God provided an amazing apartment in Bakersfield

Set up my first C-Stand and Flag

Seen giving a bottle of water and a prayer to a homeless person, can actually change their life

Seen over 100+ people baptisted at Hingepoint & Cornerstone combined.

Francis Chan crossed his arms and squinted at me

Working as an Assistant Camera Operator on a RED Feature film in Bakersfield in July

Successfully navigated LA traffic

Got to thank the guy (Jeff Henson) that makes the Cornerstone Podcasts

Watched God grow His church in Bakersfield!

Edited with one of the camera guys from Boston Legal

Watch God provide over $10,000 dollars to Single Moms in Bakersfield through Hingepoint Church

Slept in my truck on set

Survived a 2500 mile journey by myself

Recorded a soundtrack to a short film

Crashed and temporarily lost my Kombat 40 in alfalfa field

I got to edited Chan Sermons and shoot footage for a Cornerstone video

God provided a new apartment in Simi Valley, which I’ll be moving into in August

And at the end of it all, I’m watching God humble me and break me.

Proving that He really does know what He’s doing…

Thank you Jesus

Oh, its been one of those days…

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For your re-consideration…

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Ok, so I said I’d be using Posterous… well…

After weighing the pros and cons some more. I noticed a few features were missing from posterous in comparison to wordpress.

Namely, Archiving and Viewable Blog post limits.

So, I’ve jumped back to WordPress and not many of you will care or much less read this.

So, I will leave you with a Fun-Fact for those of you that will.

Posterous doesn’t let you delete your accounts. =/

For your Re-consideration.


Stranded in the Emerald City

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Date: November 13, 2009 10:39:57 AM PST
Subject: Stranded in the Emerald City

I was leaving Wal-Mart one raining and very cold day, being very glad to be in my car with the heat blasting. As I stopped at the intersection, thats where I meet Ryan and Laura. They were sitting on the curb, Ryan was holding a cardboard sign that read “Stranded, need money for food.” or something to that extent. Honestly I never read it, I just saw two kids in the cold and in the rain. As I stopped, Ryan came up and asked for some change so they could buy some sleeping bags. I didn’t really get any sort of heavenly feeling or word from God to help them. I just told them to get in the car. It just seemed very obvious thats what I should do.
They threw their bags in the car and hoped in. I asked what I could do for them and they began to tell me their story. They had been hitch-hiking and Hobo’ing their way on the backs of boxcars since Athens, Georgia. They had just jumped off the train from Atlanta and now were in Greenwood and didn’t quite know where they were. They were trying to make their way to Savannah, Georgia and was running out of money to get there. I drove them to the Greenwood Motel where they were had stayed the night prior and where they were going to have to vacate. I offered to put them up somewhere a little safer and we drove to the Jamison Inn. Now, Ryan and Laura hadn’t asked for anything other than money for sleeping bags. I gave them what ever money I had in my wallet when we meet. And I just couldn’t fathom them out in this weather, much less sleeping in it. So I payed for a couple of days at the Jamison Inn and told the guy behind the counter if there were any other expenses occurred from their stay I would come back and cover it. Then I realized what I just said. I was living the parable.
We went up the to the room and they thanked me endlessly and I was very glad to have helped them. It was the best thing I could think to do for them. A clean, warm bed. I gave them some numbers of some local ministries they could call and maybe get some help and if anything get a ride to Savannah. I did everything I could to help them help themselves. I didn’t try to kill myself helping them. Though at the time I was finically hurting, but I knew it was the right thing to do and God would take care of me. I gave them my number too and told to give me a buzz and let me know how everything worked out. Secretly in my heart I was hoping they wouldn’t call and that would mean I wouldn’t have to do anything else. A day passed and I got a phone call.
It was Ryan, they had called all those numbers and talked to a lot of churches. No one wanted to help them. He talked with church secretaries and voicemails. The churches said their were other ministries that they supported that would help them. But the buck kept being passed down the line. He then said he had been back down at Walmart trying to raise funds. The police finally told him to move on or be arrested after the second day. I started to get upset. I mean, I had done my part, where was the body of Christ on this one? Ryan, wasn’t upset at all. He then quoted a summarization of scripture to me, “God will take care of those who don’t worry, it’ll be alright.”
They had been using the computer in the lobby of the Jamison Inn and found that they could get two tickets to Savannah via Amtrak in Columbia for a grand total of $70 bucks. They were $30 short. I felt really bad, I was being selfish. I didn’t want to go the distance. But then God got a hold of me and reminded me that I had started a relationship with these people. I had to go all the way. I talked to mom and she gave me some money to help them. So Ryan, Laura and myself with all their possessions got in my silver tarsus and went to catch a 1am train in Columbia.
I learned so much from them on that trip. We all had a really good time just talking, hanging out and getting to know each other. I was just really honest with them and they were with me. They told me, they didn’t consider themselves “Homeless” they were “Travelers” and it was a life decision they had made to live this way. Ryan, had traveled all over though various means and said he would “Fly the Sign” as he called it, only when it was really necessary. He just tried to make his way the best he knew. I have to say I really admired his patience and ability not to worry. I envied it honestly. Somebody asked me if I “Shared the Gospel” with them. I felt I was just being the gospel, They asked questions and I answered them and even shared my frustrations and struggles with them. I was just honest and because of that, I think I gained two new friends. Two friends that I truly hope to see again and hang out with. I trust God that He used me in whatever way they needed. Cause I certainly know He used them to change ME.
I know what your thinking at this point. These people choose this life, why should I even help them? I think we all put a lot of stuff in the way of doing what we should be doing all the time. A lot of us are simply scared or just tired of getting burnt by people. Especially when it comes to helping the poor and yes there are there are a lot of reasons not to do anything. But Christ was pretty straight forward concerning the poor. He didn’t give exceptions or situations not to do it. What it comes down to is a simple trust issue with God. Yeah, you could get burnt, you could lose money or you could even die. But don’t let that change your ability to do the right thing in following Christ. Yes, their’s a lot of them and honestly you can’t help them all. But you can help the ones right in front of you.

I didn’t see two kids hitch-hiking their way through life,
I just saw two kids in the cold and in the rain.

-Magic Dave