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California Update

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I’ve been meaning to post an update about whats been going on as of late. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve recently moved to California for two reasons. To pursue work in the Film Industry to be “Salt and Light” to the film crews out in the trenches. The other reason, was to come out to Simi Valley and get plugged into Cornerstone Church.

God has really been blessing me tremendously and has given me alot of early confirmations and successes. I could write a novel about these last two months, but I’d think it’d be more fun if I list off (in no particular order) what all God has done with my life in my first two months in California. (Some of these are pretty ridiculous)

Got my first film gig via CraigsList in under 5 minutes

Watch God save (dude was dead!) and transform a homeless man with no prospects

Arrived at Cornerstone Church right as Francis Chan announced God was calling him away

I know people at Panavision and Warner Bros now (crazy!)

Got promoted from Production Assistant, to Grip & Electric, to Head Editor on my first California film.

God provided an amazing apartment in Bakersfield

Set up my first C-Stand and Flag

Seen giving a bottle of water and a prayer to a homeless person, can actually change their life

Seen over 100+ people baptisted at Hingepoint & Cornerstone combined.

Francis Chan crossed his arms and squinted at me

Working as an Assistant Camera Operator on a RED Feature film in Bakersfield in July

Successfully navigated LA traffic

Got to thank the guy (Jeff Henson) that makes the Cornerstone Podcasts

Watched God grow His church in Bakersfield!

Edited with one of the camera guys from Boston Legal

Watch God provide over $10,000 dollars to Single Moms in Bakersfield through Hingepoint Church

Slept in my truck on set

Survived a 2500 mile journey by myself

Recorded a soundtrack to a short film

Crashed and temporarily lost my Kombat 40 in alfalfa field

I got to edited Chan Sermons and shoot footage for a Cornerstone video

God provided a new apartment in Simi Valley, which I’ll be moving into in August

And at the end of it all, I’m watching God humble me and break me.

Proving that He really does know what He’s doing…

Thank you Jesus

Oh, its been one of those days…

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The SkyWatcher

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The SkyWatcher from Dave Wright on Vimeo.

The SkyWatcher is unfortunately an unfinished project. It was shot in July 2008 and sat around on my desk for 2 years. We never shot the UFO/Gray sequence scene or the now deleted theater scene. I’ve edited it together with a new soundtrack and added the storyboards from the missing scenes. I hope you enjoy and are able to catch the vision we had initially hoped for The SkyWatcher!

Post Chicago

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Date: November 1, 2009 2:50:23 PM PST
Subject: Post Chicago

As October was drawing to a close, I decided to do something I had be threaten to do for a while. To go see the Rivera Brothers up in Chicago. So I called Matt Rivera up, flew to Chicago and made it happen. Bam! Man, what a great trip, I’d never been to Chicago before and I enjoyed it immensely. I meet Matt’s roommates Peter and Cade, affectionally know as the “Boys on Montrose.” We explored the city of Chicago, visited the set of Dark Knight, hung out at Columbia Art & Design College, played around with cameras and green screens and the boy’s treated me as their own. I was going through some hard times while I was up there and those guys helped me get through it. I’ll never forget it.
I had only a few things on my agenda for Chicago, well actually just two things. For you see, firstly, I played Microsoft Flight Simulator like nobody’s business when I was a kid. The starting airfield when you booted up some MFS was, Miegs Field in Downtown Chicago. The second point of interest for me was the Adler Planetarium which happened to be at the end of ole’ 36 at Meigs Field. So me and Matt took the “L” down to Northerly Island. We went to the planetarium and sat through “The SkyWacthers of Africa” which was awesome and a great reference for our current project “The SkyWatcher.” I really enjoyed the Planetarium, which had a number of really old telescopes and other astronomy gadgets. I could have spent all day in there honestly. Then we went to what was left of Mieg’s Field. Sadly the airstrip had been bulldozed in the middle of the night by the governor of Chicago sometime back in the early 2000’s and apparently under shady circumstances. Now all that remained was the main building and control tower. It was disheartening but I was still glad to be there. Me and Matt walked around the island looking for the remains of the strip. We found some material that might have very well been part of the strip. I took a piece of it and kept it as my own, I’d like to think it was apart of the strip where I learned how to fly as a kid. It was fun to walk around the island and I suppose I got to go into areas I never would have been able to if the airport had been active. But, “irreguardless” I was glad to finally stand on that holy aviation ground and share that moment with my friend and brother Matt Rivera.
The Boy’s on Montrose happened to be a throwing a house party for Halloween while I was up there. Now, I was never much of a party guy, but I have to say I had a really awesome time and had the chance to meet a lot of awesome peeps who were in film school and/or worked at the Apple store. Actually that number was more like 1 to 1, and speaking of Apple. I got to hang out with Matthew at the Downtown Apple store, for about… 6 hours or so. I was just glad to be there and see Matt in his element, I took in several seminars, learned way too much about iLife and got a genius appointment. My iPhone had a speck of dusk under the screen since, well forever really. Apple replaced the screen for me there on the spot. I promptly got another speck of dusk under the screen a week later. Ah well, it wasn’t that big of deal for me to begin with. I just wanted the full Chicago Apple Experience. Queue, Peter and Matt laughing. I then spent several hours riding across and around chicago with Matthew to find overhauls for his Halloween costume. For Matt and his friend Kevin were dressing up as Mario and Luigi and ended up looking amazing. Peter dressed up as the Homeless Green Lantern, Sam Rivera as Han Solo and Cade as Captain Underpants. I was boring and made use of a USSR shirt I bought years ago and was the poster boy of the Russian workforce. It was good to hang out with Rivera Bros once again, we made some progress on The SkyWatcher project and talked of new and wonderful ideas and schemes.
As the party winded down around 4am, the thoughts of leaving began to overwhelm me. Granted, my flight was at 8am and Matt and I had to leave at 6am, but I wasn’t worried about that. I simply didn’t want to leave, because I had seen my element and my passion. I saw where I would have been. I really knew what I had to do and most importantly what God had been telling me to do for sometime. I had to pursue Film, it was the only thing that always fit with me and I had compromised on that vision for sometime. More importantly I had grieved the Holy Spirit with what He specifically set on my heart to do. I had been too afraid and let myself be concerned with the expectations others had set for me. I know God’s timing is perfect, but it still hurts to knowing how I simply didn’t obey or perhaps even more didn’t fully obey. As I walked through the airport, something caught my eye, it was a cap with word Chicago tastefully printed on it. I liked the style, picked it up and had a thought.
Everything from this point on, is POST-CHICAGO and this cap would be my “ebenezer”, my stone in the field. The reminder that God had brought me thus far and would not abandon me on my journey.
No matter how how bad I felt about disobeying God, I had to just trust that God knows exactly what He’s doing. In my successes and in my every present failures.

I have to goto California, work in the trenches of the Film Industry and grow the Kingdom.

-Magic Dave

Chicago 09 Pics